My fields of work

My fields of work

Online/IT Law, Data Protection (DSGVO)
One of my main areas of interest is working in data protection law, currently especially in the implementation of the European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) for companies, self-employed persons and associations.

Consumers still have a need for advice because of constantly new warnings in connection with alleged file sharing. The defense against such warnings is therefore part of my field of work. Likewise, clients had to experience that they suffer damages due to typical Internet crime: Identity theft or access to online banking are no longer uncommon.

Corporate clients and the self-employed often need advice on data protection issues, the digital recording of business data or the establishment of secure communication channels. Likewise, unauthorized evaluations of customers or attempted fraud in online trading represent a considerable problem for which legal advice is regularly required.
General civil and administrative law
I advise clients of all kinds with regard to civil or administrative law issues. In judicial disputes, I undertake the representation of clients before all relevant German courts with the exception of the Federal Supreme Court.
I do not handle family law, inheritance law, securities law or tax law issues, but I will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable law firm. I take on criminal law mandates only in special cases.
Animal Protection
Mandates in the area of animal welfare often revolve around conflicts or violations of the Animal Welfare Act: either because the clients believe that the authorities have violated rules, or because they themselves believe that third parties have violated animal welfare law.
In the case of violations of animal protection law, it is important, on the one hand, to quickly remedy the grievances in agreement with clients and authorities, and, on the other hand, to protect clients from excessive measures taken by authorities. A typical task of a lawyer in this case is the inspection of files, the preparation of statements and the representation of the client in appeal or court proceedings.

Animal welfare associations or animal shelters often ask for advice on the assessment of potential animal welfare violations or on contact with authorities. Likewise, there is often a need for advice with regard to one’s own disputes with supervisory authorities concerning the management of animal shelters or the application for the necessary permits.
Horse law
Because I edited one of the largest regional horse newspapers in Germany for many years („Die Pferderegion“), and still write for the fine magazine „Dressur Studien“ as a member of the editorial staff, many of my clients still come from the horse industry.
A major focus is saddle litigation, in which I predominantly represent saddlers and saddle dealers in warranty disputes. Such litigation is often difficult and unedifying because saddles are very special commodities: Their fit depends not only on the manufacture, but also on the horse and the rider. Courts often have difficulty understanding why the fit of a saddle can change significantly even in a short period of time. However, such a change does not legally constitute a material defect.

I often represent equestrian sports dealers or operators of riding stables in connection with outstanding claims against customers or in disputes with suppliers. Stable operators often need support in disputes with authorities (e.g. building authorities, veterinary authorities) or to defend themselves against false evaluations by customers on the Internet.

I often represent private individuals in disputes concerning the purchase of horses, i.e. the assertion of warranty rights or even the reversal of purchase contracts. But also the defense against unjustified claims by stable operators is one of the regular tasks here.
Media law/copyright law
For clients from the media sector, I frequently deal with questions of competition law, but also with the enforcement of copyright claims or questions of press law. In the case of publishing houses, I also handle the collection of debts from subscribers and advertisers and advise on the drafting of contracts.
Association law
As a former board member of the animal protection association for the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis e.V. (animal shelter Troisdorf), I can draw on well-founded (but not always pleasant) practical experience in the operation of such an institution. In addition to the operational issues, my clients often have „normal“ questions of association law on their agenda, e.g. concerning the conduct of general meetings, the amendment of bylaws and contribution regulations, or the settlement of disputes among members.
Labor law
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